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BACKTIVATOR - The Sitting Solution

BACKTIVATOR: The sitting solution

The Backtivator is a small, self-contained pad that you sit on to promote a healthy back. Incorporating patented StaticAction technology, The Backtivator is perfect for home, office, auto, or travel. Backtivator’s unique shape fits in any seat and provides your spine with gentle, continual motion while you sit.

  • Assists in alleviating back pain
  • Promotes healthy spine
  • Patented design fits in most seats
  • Creates continuous movement while you sit
  • Alternative to “gym ball” sitting technigues
  • Perfect for the office, travel and the car
  • Portable and can go with you anywhere you may roam

Feed your back

Your spine and back, when working together, are like one large joint and movement is the best way to keep your body’s joints healthy. When you move a joint, blood and fluid rush to the area to heal and replenish. Keeping these portions of your body awash in nutrients and oxygen helps to lubricate, protect and fortify your lower back’s connective tissue. That’s why feeding your back with constant motion promotes a healthy, pain free back.

How it works

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon and rehabilitation expert, the Backtivator features two small, carefully optimized air-filled compartments that ensure your spine is moving even while you are seated. A subtle transfer of air between the Backtivator’s compartments creates unnoticeable movement in your spine. The movement provides your back with the nourishment it needs to keep your spine healthy.  Doctors agree that joint movement is fundamental for a sound back. With the StaticAction properties found in Backtivator’s simple chambered design your spine remains in motion each time your sit.

A Back in Motion is a Healthy Back!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Last week I hobbled into Dr. Chism's office in a great deal of pain; after my treatment I walked out with no pain. I then went off and went to dinner with friends and had a wonderful evening."
    Ruth L.