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Guide to Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the US. Spinal surgery and opioid painkillers are unhelpful for most people and most of the time make pain worse. Exercise programs, alternative therapies such as massage and yoga, can help people alleviate their sore back.

If you have chronic back trouble, stay active and work with a health care professional to check out alternative treatment approaches like strength training or aerobic exercise program, massage, Pilates, psychotherapy, chiropractic, tai chi, etc.

Opioid prescribing is common among people with back pain, with almost 20% receiving long-term opioid prescriptions which then leads to opioid addiction. Pain killers also don’t help the underlying cause of back pain, it simply just covers it up. Covering up the pain rather than fixing it will make it worse. Researchers have found opioids did not improve patients’ pain or function of low back pain. Bottom line: Opioid painkillers make low back pain worse.

As for surgery, only a small minority of patients with low back pain require it. Majority of them time, patient who undergo back surgery either don’t see any results or their pain returns within the year resulting in more surgery or worse symptoms. Also most patients don’t know there are other alternatives to treating low back pain due to the lack of awareness and without thinking get surgery.

Moving is the most important thing you can do for back pain. Physical activity can help relieve pain, while being inactive can delay a person’s recovery. Exercise is helpful for many reasons: muscle strength to support the spine, improve flexibility and range of motion in the back, which helps with function. It can also boost flow to the soft tissues to promote healing and reduce stiffness.

Exercise combined with Chiropractic Care can decrease low back pain and relieve symptoms significantly, depending on the severity. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments will not only help low back pain but also prevent it. It is smart to still get adjustments even when not experiencing pain because something could be out of alignment without experiencing pain.

In conclusion, low back pain can be treated and prevented with exercise and chiropractic care rather than going straight to pain killers and surgery. Your health should be your number one priority, because without it, you can’t live the life you want.


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