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I am now 83 years old.  I got married at age 19, had 3 daughters by the age of 23, and started my own business shortly thereafter.  I owned a dance studio for 56 years, before retiring two years ago.  For thirty three of those 56 years, I owned two studios.  Needless to say, the stress and wear and tear on my body, as well as my mind, took its toll. 

For most of my life I have had Chiropractic adjustments in order to keep balanced!  I have for as long as I remember trouble with my back, sciatica, neck and tight shoulders.  One whole summer an orthopedic physician put me in a neck brace and told me not to dance.  It was the worst thing in my life I have done.  Chiropractic has kept my body in line and without it I do not think I could have survived those 56 years.  But, during the last two years of teaching I started to develop Neuropathy (a loss of feeling in my feet and lower legs).  A Neuropath Physician told me there was nothing I could do for this problem.  I refused to take drugs or medication, knowing you can't mask the cause of problems, you have attack and cure them.

Enter Chaparral Wellness Clinic & Dr. Chism.  She prescribed regular adjustments with the activator and spinal decompression.  Within one month I started feeling much better and now after two and a half months, for the first time in a long time I have no pain in my back and shoulders and sciatica.  The nerves in my feet and legs are starting to revive thanks to Dr. Chism use of the activator and spinal decompression therapy.  I feel hopeful that they can be regenerated.  The physical therapy at this clinic is far superior to any other I have seen, with very attentive physical therapists to administer to you.  The whole atmosphere in the clinic is a very positive one, and makes you want to come back!

Dr. Chism is very caring and helpful to me and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to live their life pain free with regular chiropractic adjustments.  Try it, you will like it!

T.  McPheeters May 31, 2018

I think your office staff are the best. They are always smiling and friendly. Dr. Chism is amazing. She has really helped me and Grant. She is the best. Anytime I have to change my appointment they always accommodate me. Thanks.

Joan & Grant M. July 11, 2017

It is my pleasure to share my experience in meeting Dr. Chism and the staff in her office. Her Facebook advertisement worked for me as I was impressed by the details of new pain management techniques presented there. I have received only a few treatments so far, but I am already hopeful of the positive results. Dr. Chism is a competent doctor and has made me a believer in chiropractic treatments. I am looking forward to future discussion with her of technical elements of her treatment machines and methods. Dr. Chism's Assistants Sarah and Irish are extremely nice individuals and welcome everyone with smiles and graciousness. They explain the procedures and accommodate in patients' convenience in office schedules. I would tell them to continue "scattering the smiles." My best wishes to Dr. Chism and her staff.

Prem B. June 13, 2017

I believe in chiropractic intervention to heal the body. I've passed by Dr. Chism's office for many years and wondered what magic they were up to. I made a special effort to make an appointment. I have severe back and knee pain. First I met Irish. She demonstrated efficiency, competence in scheduling and dealt with insurance with skill and a smile. She was eager to help. Next contact was with Sarah. In minutes her professionalism was apparent. She had my lower back humming with electricity. It felt great and relaxing. Sarah was attentive and knowledgeable to my medical needs. Often she asked if I was ok. I was impressed. Dr. Chism manipulated my spine. Compassion, understanding, and grace demonstrated to me she had though knowledge of how to ease my pain. The atmosphere provided by Sarah, Irish, and Dr. Chism is warm and wonderful. I highly recommend their service. They eased my pain.

Jerry P. April 3, 2017

Dr. Chism and her staff are competent, caring and considerate. I I think so highly of them that I have referred my co-worker and my spouse. Never a problem with insurance or billing and open on Saturdays makes getting an appointment easy.. My name is Steve, and yes I am a real patient!

- Steve T December 13, 2016

I do enjoy coming here for Chiropractic services. Not only is the treatment I receive helpful, but also the reception by every member of the staff is cordial, kind, and caring. The location is convenient too, right across the street from my home, and my health insurance covers most of my expenses. God bless you all for the wonderful services you provide.

- Elaine H. November 21, 2016

After a recent visit to Chaparral Chiropractic I expressed to Dr. Chism my sincere gratitude for the care and treatment that I received. I am not one to make comment or express myself publicly but when asked if I would write something, I was happy to do so.

In late Fall of 2015 I begin to experience severe leg and buttock pain. This was not the first time that I have had this type of pain. About 6 years ago I was a patient at a pain clinic and after about 8 weeks of treatments and injections my condition was greatly improved. So after a positive result back then, I returned to the same clinic and began treatment again. Unfortunately this time the improvement did not happen.

This time it was much worse. I felt pain with every step that I took. I could not climb steps at all. I had great difficulty even sitting in a chair. I had 3 epidural injections and been in physical therapy for over six months. My condition remained basically the same.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN a believer in chiropractic medicine. I AM now.......! I began treatment with Dr. Chism on July 1, 2016. Within 2 treatments my condition was improved by 60%. I have been in treatment for three months and I can honestly say that I am pain free 95% of the time. I feel alive again.

I am so excited with my results that I have recommended Chaparral Chiropractic to anyone that comments on my improved movements. I have even suggested to my sister in NJ (with similar problems) to seek out a chiropractor that uses the same Activator Technique.

Thank you all at Chaparral Chiropractic!!!

- Ester B. October 10, 2016

To all my friends at Chaparral Chiropractic, Dr. Chism had held my body together for 25 years and here's hoping another 25! Thank you.

- Judy C. -September 29,2016

Dr. Chism is an amazing person who has helped me tremendously. If you have any kind of pains, don't wait. Come see her and get pain free!

- James C. -August 31, 2016

I have been going to Dr. Chism for treatment for around ten years. How refreshing it was to find that she uses the ACTIVATOR instead of doing hand manipulation. Dr. Chism is always bringing up-to-date expertise to her practice. One of the things I admire about her, is that she treats everyone as special and treats them according to their needed treatment. I have referred many people in the past and feel that you too would benefit from her expertise and care. Try it! You'll like it!!!

- S. Tippner -August 25, 2016

I think Dr. Chism has done wonders for me, I had bad back pain and right hip pain very bad. But coming to Dr. Chism had been great and not having much pain anymore. Hope to continue for as long as I can. Thank you Dr. Chism.

- J. Wilson -August 25, 2016

I've been coming here for years! I always feel so much better after my adjustments! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I always leave with a smile on my face! =)

- Bekah -August 25, 2016

I've been a patient of Dr. Chism's for just over three years now. Her therapy methods are exactly what I need to keep my back, hips and neck pain free. The office staff is always friendly and efficient. I look forward to many more years of visits to keep me functioning.

- Rhonda G. -August 24, 2016

I would like to recommend Dr. Chism and her staff for the good they do for people like me who need chiropractic care. It is always a pleasure to enter the office as you are immediately greeted with a cheerful, "hello", good morning or good evening. I like the coziness and friendly feel of welcome. I would like to recommend Dr. Chism for her knowledge in treating my condition. Because of this care, I can enjoy pain free days. I do not hesitate to congratulate and commend the service. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude.

- Celia M. -August 22, 2016

I'm 65 and have been to several chiropractors over the years but I am most impressed with Dr. Chism for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I feel confident in her because she is gentle but gets results. She is a good listener and found solutions to problems I didn't know could be resolved. She has a pleasant office environment, a friendly staff, convenient hours and her fees are reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Chism.

- D.McNeill- July 20, 2016

Dr. Chism saved my back more than once. Her gentle approach, the activator method, her concern for her patients are all items which makes me come back again and again. When I had rotator cuff surgery, she adjusted my treatments so that I had room for my "pillow", when I had disc cushion problems, she found the discs which needed adjusting quickly and efficiently. When I told her I couldn't walk straight, she immediately diagnosed a rotated hip, a condition which she treats as needed. I recommend Dr. Chism to anyone with back or joint pain. She'll fix it.

Christie W. March 26, 2016

Roughly 23 years ago I was destined for the surgeon's knife for a back operation. I had hurt myself mightily on the golf course and nothing seemed to help. I happened upon Dr. Chism at a Scottsdale Business Showcase. I knew the booths were expensive! My immediate reaction was that she was either wealthy or really knew what she was doing. To say I was skeptical, would have been a gross understatement. I would Soon change my mind, Big time. When she did a cursory exam of my back she told me exactly what my MD had told me. THAT got my attention! I also knew my NJ Health Insurance would cover her costs, so I had nothing to lose. What I didn't know then was that here I am, 23 years later and I swear this Doctor of Chiropractory can "walk on water!"

I knew nothing about Chiropractors other than what I'd been told by my MD friends, which was not very positive. The wife of one of these MD friends once said to me, "Don't tell XXX, but I went to a Chiropractor when I was pregnant and got immediate help... he doesn't know it to this day." So, could there is a bit of built-in "professional bias" within the Medical profession??? A former student, who was a dancer with the American Ballet Theater, was the person who encouraged me to seek a Chiropractor at first, which is why I walked up to Dr. Chism that day at the Scottsdale Business Showcase. It was one of the best bits of advice I've ever received. I credit Dr. Chism with saving me from the dreaded "KNIFE," something my Mom and several of my friends endured, and never successfully. It took a few trips, but I soon felt great relief from the pain. Early on a procedure was developed called Spinal Decompression, which she did not as yet practice. She recommended that I try it and sent me to a Chiropractor who had the tools. Later, she too began the same Spinal Decompression techniques which she now administers to me as needed, sort of as a booster treatment whenever I feel the need for one.

The most amazing thing, to me, is her ability to locate my PAIN without me telling her where I ache. I am dumbfounded by her ability to do this - it seems impossible. I'll walk into the exam room, have a brief discussion with her, tell her I've got a pain in the (where ever) and the next thing I know, that Activator Tool is right on the spot that hurts! HOW'D SHE DO THAT? I didn't take my hand/fingers or even verbally say exactlywhere it hurt, she just DID IT??? Furthermore, I normally have on a Golf Shirt and relatively heavy fabric shorts or trousers, not to mention that there is underwear beneath the outer garments. Is Dr. Chism like SUPER GIRL and have EX-RAY VISION? I have no clue how she does what she does, but she is remarkable. When I leave her office I always feel better physically and mentally.

The personnel in the office are first rate, cordial, congenial, and this place is more or less like a second home. I feel welcome, wanted, appreciated and not just another number or patient. Everyone seems to care, and that means SO MUCH. I've often just walked in on the spur of the moment - no appointment or anything and been taken care of ! I've been called at home to see how things are going or improving - you don't know how wonderful that makes a person feel. This is way too long, but I've also been around since she began her private practice "X" number of years ago. I've never been able to write short essays. That was generally a super thing on College Final Exams. Hope it helps here too. I've barely touched the surface of all the good Dr. Chism has done for my poor aching body over the past Twenty plus years. IT was a very lucky day for me at that Scottsdale Business Showcase back around 1993 or so. Sure hope she feels the same.


Gordon W. March 17, 2016

Dr. Chism,

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your excellent chiropractic care. The instrument to adjusting method has always addressed my problem areas so they don't keep reoccurring. I haven't always been in the best health. I have benefited greatly. You have lifted my spirit many times through the years. She inspires me to keep going. I couldn't be more pleased with the care she has given me. Come in for a visit at Chaparral Chiropractic and become committed to taking care of your health.

Sally B. March 12, 2016

Very friendly service. Effective relief of low back pain. The office works hard to fit me in on short notice.

Ken J. August 17, 2015

I really enjoy coming to this office. All the staff are very friendly and considerate. Everyone seems to know and sincerely enjoy what they are doing. Doctor Chism is well educated and organized. She is clearly up to date on highly sought out contemporary and next gen methods of Chiropractic care. They also have a very nice office.

Michael I. August 14, 2015

My first visit was very cordial and all of my questions were answered politely. Felt right at home.

Celia M. August 14, 2015

Dear Dr. Mello and Dr. Chism,

An update on my back condition: I am now golfing and doing a little yoga again. Three months ago, I thought I would have to give up these activities that have been a big part of my life for years.

I attribute this full recovery to Dr. Christi Chism, 7908 E. Chaparral Rd. Scottsdale who uses a gentle activator method for healing.

From having such a difficult time just getting out of bed and walking to the coffeepot to where I am now is my miracle.



Julie S. June 3, 2015

When I had my hip replacement at 40 years old no one ever suggested chiropractic to me. I went through all kinds of medication and pain clinics. I had my hip replaced which took months to recover from. I do not understand why doctor's do not send patients to chiropractic first before trying surgery. Since seeing Dr. Chism, I have been able to do things that I have not been able to do in years. Dr. Chism is the best thing that has happened to me this year!


Gwen W. October 17, 2013

For years I had suffered from severe back pain, as well as head pain from a TBI. I had sciatic pain radiating down my left leg, and pain in my neck and lower back from bulging disks. In the past I had tried various treatments ranging from pain medication, to injections and physical therapy.

I wanted to try a non-invasive treatment in order to reduce the amount of pain medication that I had been taking. I was tired of having head pain every day, with no help in sight. This is when I decided to try chiropractic.

From the moment I walked in to Dr. Chism's office, she and her employees treated me with respect, professionalism, and caring. Any treatments were discussed and explained completely.

For the first time in six years, I have not experienced head pain on a daily basis! My sciatica is no longer acute and my back pain is controlled to the point that I am taking 1/10 the pain medication that I had been! I believe that Dr. Chism has helped me achieve a higher quality of life than I had before, I will always try chiropractic treatment first over any other care.

You can achieve a better quality of life! Dr. Chism can help you to feel better without pain medication!


Genia B. July 1, 2013

I came to Dr. Chism in a roundabout way. At the time, I had been suffering from severe dizziness for a little over one year. I had been to a number of Neurologists, ENT's, and had all kinds of tests done, all of which determined and confirmed for me that I had lost inner ear function, but with no specific diagnosis or treatment plan. My husband who is a current patient of Dr. Chism's suggested that I start going to see her, telling me "What can it hurt?"

Honestly, I don't know much about chiropractic treatment, but I was willing to give it a try. From the very first visit to Dr. Chism's office, I immediately started to feel relief. I remember walking into the office, my eyes moving uncontrollably, and having to hold onto things because my dizziness was so bad. Sounds crazy, but by the time I left, my dizziness was so much more under control.

Currently, I am still going to physical therapy and seeing a Neurologist/ENT, but I believe that Dr. Chism and Chaparral Family Chiropractic have truly made a difference. Because of this, I will continue to be a patient at Chaparral Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Chism, thank you so much for everything!


Michelle G. June 13, 2012

Last week I hobbled into Dr. Chism's office in a great deal of pain; after my treatment I walked out with no pain. I then went off and went to dinner with friends and had a wonderful evening.

Ruth L. January 24, 2012

Christi Chism, D.C. is for me, the Best chiropractor I've ever had! I threw my back out and literally crawled into the office with the most intense shooting pain in my back. I couldn't stand at all! After she got me on the table and worked her magic I walked out of her office a happy man. She uses what's called an Activator...its a tool that pops your back into place. I'm sure there is more to it then that but it works!

Alexander C. 05/30/2008

Dr. Christi Chism is such a loving,caring person. She is so good to listen to your problems and very empathetic. I suffered with migrane headaches for years in addition to sciatic pain and she has cured me of both. I still receive maintenance treatment as everyday stress can cause misalignments of the spine. She uses a gentle method instead of the old crack and pop. It is the activator method and it is very effective. I would never let anyone "crack" my neck.

Sandra S. 06/08/2008

Thank you chiropractic dedicated Doctor,

I would not be this physical example of my reward of my faith and yours of each treatment, I have recieved. Age 84 childhood injuries, damage to the spine at the age of 7. Remembering pain of which one lives with and does not talk about. There are too many other problems to live with in the world. At the age of 23 I had a paralizing stroke on one side. The 3rd day I was taken to a natural path Doctor after exam and a treatment, to reveal damage at a young age, I would need regular treatments or I could have another stroke at anytime. The spine affects all organs and nerves. Stress control and work on a balanced diet. Listen to your body it always has warning signals. Life without experience you have nothing to share. childern need attention too: this is when things happen.

Betty M. 2009

Dear Dr. Chism & Staff,

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your efforts and kindness toward me. The staff of Chaparral Chiropractic serves the patients with the utmost professionalism and warmth, a combination not often found in a medical environment.

For the last 30 years, I have suffered from frequent migraines, among other maladies. After running the gamut of traditional medical tests and medication, resulting in inconclusive finding, I had about given up on a quality life. I was averaging at one point about 15 debilitating migraines each month. I thought I had tried every possible remedy and treatment, until a massage therapist recommended Dr. Chism.

I am please to say that while not migraine free, I am well in the way to recovery. My migraine frequency has dropped to between two and four a month and the intensity has diminished to manageable levels. It has been two weeks since my last migraine! I am confident that with continued acupuncture and chiropractic care I will one day be migraine and medication free!

Dr. Chism, for your patients who seek migraine relief, please encourage them to not give up! While progress may be slow, it is a worthwhile journey. A healthy diet and routine exercise combined with the acupuncture and chiropractic treatments is my recipe for success in the battle against migraines.

Thank you for offering me the treatment necessary to recapture quality in my days.

Warmest regards,

Lyn H. 10/9/2009

I had been to so many chiropractors and my back was never getting better and finally I heart of the activator method.

I did 24 first sessions without believing it would work. It was a lifetime change.

Since then I only go once a year, sometimes once every 2 years for maintenance or if I'm moving things around.

I really recommend the activator method to anyone that has lost all hope.

Gleanna April 2009


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  • "Last week I hobbled into Dr. Chism's office in a great deal of pain; after my treatment I walked out with no pain. I then went off and went to dinner with friends and had a wonderful evening."
    Ruth L.